Monday, June 11, 2012

My Mom was born in Atascadero, California. Her parents are Vincente and Angelena Rossi. She graduated from Beauty School and was a beautician when she was in her early 20s. She moved to Barstow in the early 50s where she met my Dad, Harold U. Woolsey. She loved being outdoors; riding horses, gardening, fishing, baseball and many other outdoors events. She could not swim, but she was proud of the fact that she taught many, many kids how to swim. She was president of the Rodio Club, Garden Club, and the Womens Club. She also loved playing Bridge. Once she went to Hawaii to play in a tournament. When I asked her if she liked Hawaii she replied, "I didn't see Hawaii, I went there to play Bridge." OH MY! My father and her owned Woolsey and Associates; realty business, also Hal's and Kay's Store and Mama's Maid Laundromat.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I want to pay tribute to my Dad, Harold Woolsey. He orchestrated the construction most of the homes built east of Barstow Road and North of Idle Spurs and I found out last night that he built the housing track in Yermo. He also built Hawaiian Village homes, Skyline homes, Montara homes, Fashion Square, Irwin Estates, and homes east of Yucca Street. For a while his business was Woolsey and Associates, then it was Hood and Woolsey. I am very proud of him. I think he built 8 housing tracks in the Barstow area.
If he was alive today I believe he would still be figuring out a way to get families into affordable housing. He was a visionary who cared for people.
Thank you Dad.


I don't know how to have fun any more. I love my home, my dogs, my adult children, my friends, but what about fun? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy life. This weekend was my 40 year class reunion and a graduation party for a dear friend's daughter. I did not attend either of these events, because I just did not feel like having fun. I spent the evening at home relaxing. Maybe that is what I need to be doing right now in my life. Maybe "fun" is just too much trouble right now.
I want to loose weight and get in better shape, so I have started in that direction. I think that will actually be fun; walking, eating right and paying attention to my health.
Praying that whoever reads this will have a great day ! ! !

My kids, March 2011

Time for change ! ! !

I started out this year thinking, "This is going to be a great year." For the most part it has been great, but with all the good things that have happened there have been some real struggles.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Iron Chef, Sept. 26, 2010

The sermon today was inspiring and challenging. Easy-Bake Faith, Christianity Ain't No Cakewalk." Well actually that is the name of the series, Today was "Iron Chef." The Iron chef is given an ingredient for all recipies and then he must come up with different dishes which include that ingredient. The number one ingredient for the Christian life is "Willing to Change."
There are nine ingredients to the Original Christian Recipe: fellowship obedience, forgiveness, truth, light, discernment, love certainty, and hospitality. Each week for the next nine weeks Pastor Tom will look at one of these, taken from I, II, and III John. Today he focused on the fact that we must be willing to change for what God wants in our lives.
Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting." Psalm 139: 23,24.
Am I a reactive love Christian or a proactive love Christian? Do I react in kind to offenses handed to me or do I proact with God's love? Will I take a stand and do the right thing. Will I be willing? I must ask God for the courage to love those who don't love me. Take the stand, "I love you unconditionally. No matter what you may do to me by way of insult or injury or humiliation. i will never seek anything else but your highest good."
Christianity ain't rocket science, but it ain't a cakewalk either. Simple but not easy.